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9/7/2022: The last & largest portion of the Phase 1B construction at Twining Valley Park began on Wednesday, September 7th. James R. Kenney Excavating & Paving, Inc. is the contractor.

We hope to keep most of the park open during construction, but some areas may be temporarily blocked. There will be signage, similar to what is attached, erected on-site next week to make park visitors aware of the work occurring.

The Twining Valley Dog Park and the new adjacent parking lot will remain open. We encourage those visiting the dog park to use that lot instead of the main park parking lot (by the former clubhouse) and the tunnel.

Included in this project are:
- Construction of 3+ miles of 10’ wide asphalt trails and 2.5 miles of bike-optimized dirt trail
- 3 bridges that will serve trail users for uninterrupted use of the trail system
- Installation of storm water management systems
- Acceptance of 45,000 cubic yards of fill from the Sandy Run Middle School project
- Site preparation for future phases at Twining Valley Park

  • The new parking lot at Twining Valley Dog Park is now open! Now that the lot is complete, dog park membership and fob system will be coming soon - information to follow. In the meantime, the medium and large dog park areas are open to the public. The small dog park area is closed until the new grass seed starts germinating. Dogs under 25lbs should use the medium size area and dogs 25+lbs should use the large dog size area until the small dog park area is reopened.
  • Twining Valley Park Plan - Phases 1-3
  • Twining Valley Phased Development Plan (3/4/2021)
  • On Tuesday, February 23, 2021, a presentation was made at the Planning, Parks & Library Committee meeting to provide the Committee and the public with a general update on Twining Valley Park, review Phase 1 development and its timeline, discuss proposed Phase 2 elements and an associated timeline and introduce Phase 3 elements. Phase 1 work, which began in 2020, is expected to be completed by the end of 2021. Phase 1 park amenities include a 4.85 acre dog park, 2.5 miles of asphalt trail, 2.5 miles of bike-optimized earthen trail/single track, 50-car stone parking lot adjacent to the dog park, improved community connections, stormwater improvements and other site work.PRESENTATION-Twining Valley Park Update to PPL (February 23, 2021)
  • Click this the following link for the Site Development Plan: Twining Valley Park Site Development Plan
  • On Tuesday, January 28th a special public workshop was held at the Upper Dublin Township Building to finalize the plans for Phase 1 construction at Twining Valley Park. A brief history of the process to date was shared, followed by a review of the proposed recreation amenities that the Township will be going out to bid on in 2020. Please click the following link to view the presentation shared during the public workshop: PRESENTATION-Twining Valley Park Public Workshop (January 28, 2020)
  • Click the following link to view the Twining Valley Frequently Asked Questions: Twining Valley FAQs
  • The map below indicates the permissible activities at Twining Valley Park and the areas in which the activities can take place.

A map showing the permissible activities at Twining Valley Park and the areas in which the activities can take place.

  • As of Sunday, December 1, the property now known as Twining Valley Park – 1400 Twining Road in Dresher (formerly Upper Dublin Golf Club and before that Twining Valley Golf Club) will once again be managed by Upper Dublin Township. While owned by the Township since the 1960’s, the golf course had been managed by a golf management company since 1981. After a 6 year process, the Upper Dublin Township Board of Commissioners recently made the decision to convert the property from a golf course to a public park.Parks & Recreation staff is currently completing a site inspection, installing rules signage and making minor repairs to ensure safe use of the property. As of December 9, the general public will access to the property to walk, hike and explore this incredible 105-acre property. Sledding will be permitted in designated areas (information will be posted online and on-site). Please note that bikes will not initially be permitted and all other Township park rules will be in effect including a restriction on dogs, motorized vehicles, smoking and camping. Twining Valley Park will be open from dawn to dusk.Phase 1 of the Twining Valley Park conversion from golf course to park will include the construction of 2.5 miles of asphalt trail, 2.5 miles of single track/mountain bike trail and a 6-acre dog park. Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin in late Summer 2020. Phase 1 work is being funded by the Upper Dublin Open Space Fund, Montgomery County Commissioners, PA DCNR and PA DCED. To date, $520,000 in grant funds have been secured for the project.If you plan on driving to the park, please use the parking lot of the former clubhouse on Twining Road. Parking is not permitted at Burn Brae Fire Station or Fairview Cemetery. In order to access the parcels of either side of Twining Road, please use the tunnel that connects the two. Do not attempt to cross Twining Road.
  • On February 27, 2019, a meeting was held to introduce a draft version of the proposed Twining Valley Site Development Plan to the general public. This plan is outlining the first phase of converting the Twining Valley property from golf course to a park. Also presented were options for future phases. The next public meeting this topic will be discussed is on April 9, 2019 at 7:00pm at the Board of Commissioners Stated Meeting. No decision on the future of the property has been made at this time.
  • Presentations were made at the Planning, Parks & Library Committee meeting on Tuesday, October 23 and the Board of Commissioners Stated Meeting on Tuesday, November 13. The property, its past and its future was discussed at both meetings. Presentations at both meetings were for informational purposes only and continued the discussion begun with the Twining Valley Feasibility Study completed in 2017. No decision on the future of the property has been made at this time.


Updated 9/7/2022

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