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Presentation - Signal Evaluation for Camp Hill Road & Virginia Drive Intersection (Municipal Authority, Friday, April 9, 2021)

PowerPoint - Signal Evaluation for Camp Hill Road & Virginia Drive Intersection (Municipal Authority, Friday, April 9, 2021) 

Presentation - Transforming the Fort Washington Office Park into the Greater Fort Washington District - 20200225

20191205 version has completion dates for all projects:

UDT-Street Map Project Summary-20191205

Detail on projects in the office park

Design and construction of the Cross County Trail projects are ongoing.  This approximately 2.5-mile trail through the office park will connect to the SEPTA Fort Washington train station, to address the last mile commuter challenge, and provide alternative transit modes to commuters.

The project’s first of four sections on Virginia Drive between Rapp Run and 1100 Virginia Drive was completed in the Summer of 2018. That project also included a Road Diet to narrow the road from four lanes (two lanes in each direction) to three lanes (one lane in each direction with a common center turn lane for driveways).

Construction on the second section to extend the trail from 1100 Virginia Drive to Susquehanna Road began in October 2019.  Originally scheduled to open in Fall 2020, construction was able to start early. The trail is open to the public with final construction activities to be completed in the Spring 2020.  

The third section of Cross County Trail and road/drainage improvements along Commerce Drive from Pennsylvania Avenue to Delaware Drive will involve construction in three stages - estimated to start in Winter 2020 with a construction duration of approximately 18 months.

The fourth and final section along Delaware Drive and Virginia Drive to the Rapp Run culvert is in design, with construction estimated to start in Spring 2021.

  • Note: no full road closures or detours will be required for construction of the above projects in the office park. Individual lane closures and will be managed to minimize disruption during the remaining construction. 

Roadway improvements at the Dresher Triangle will mitigate the congested area at the Dresher end of the office park. Project limits are along Virginia Drive and Dreshertown Road between Susquehanna Road and Beacon Hill/Bantry Drive to increase roadway capacity and flow, and improve safe access for all transportation modes. The Cross County Trail will be extended and missing sidewalks are proposed to improve walking and biking access through the Dresher Triangle. This project is beginning the Preliminary Engineering phase with an approximate three year design duration.

Repairs to the bridge on Delaware Drive are in the planning stage; a grant was awarded through the Municipal Retro-Reimbursement Agreement program for 80% of the cost to address the deficient condition of the bridge. Further coordination is ongoing to determine the extent and estimated cost of bridge repair/reconstruction.


Updated April 15, 2021

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