PECO Upgrades & Installations

As a part of PECO's Reliability & Resiliency Plan to invest $1.36 billion through 2025 on targeted reliability-focused infrastructure investments, there are two upcoming projects:

  • Electric Upgrade Project
  • Reliability Project

The PECO contact will be:
Tracy White
Project Manager
(856) 685-3881

All information below is directly from PECO.

Electric Upgrade Project
  • Improves reliability
  • Electric work begins in May, tree trimming work begins in late March
    • Existing lower voltage electric circuits will be upgraded to higher voltages to better meet customer needs.
    • This work includes upgrading and installing new equipment, including poles and aerial wires.
    • Includes installation of specialized equipment that can automatically restore service or isolate damage.
    • Will reduce the frequency of outages and minimizing the duration of outages that do occur and will increase the ability for customers to install clean energy resources, like solar generation.
    • Work will occur along Ash Grove Road, Basswood Grove, Bellaire Avenue, Bethlehem Pike, Birch Lane, Black Haw Lane, Boden Place, Booth Lane, Brookwood Drive, Cedar Road, Creek Drive, Donna Drive, Elliger Avenue, Farm Lane, Ft. Washington Avenue, Forsythe Drive, Goodman Drive, Haddon Place, Hawthorne Lane, Hazelwood Drive, Heather Road, Highland Avenue, Hoffman Road, Inverness Avenue, Lake Drive, Loch Alsh Avenue, Locust Road, Madison Avenue, Melissa Drive, Montgomery Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue, Pinetown Road, Prospect Avenue, Red Maple Grove, Schiavone Drive, Shady Place, Shaw Drive, Spice Bush, Spring Avenue, Summit Avenue, Thelma Lane, Tressler Drive, Tupelo Grove, Van Sant Lane, Villa Drive, Walnut Lane, Washington Lane, and Windsor Place.
    • Crews may need to temporarily interrupt service to safely complete some of this work.
  • Work area map
  • Letter from PECO to affected residents
Reliability Project
  • Improves reliability
  • Work is expected to begin early April
    • Underground development where cable and related equipment will be replaced (approximately 2.6 miles of underground cable and conduit will be replaced).
    • Work may also include vegetation management as well as replacing transformers and other equipment as needed.
    • The majority of this work will occur on area sidewalks and streets. Work will occur along Algonquin Pass, Cherokee Circle, Chippewa Ridge, Iroquois Way, Navajo Path, Seminole Gardens, and Seneca Run, Shawnee Green.
    • Work will occur from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.
    • The work will be performed by a qualified PECO contractor and will be completed by July 2022.
    • Crews may need to temporarily interrupt service to safely complete some of this work.
  • Work area map
  • Letter from PECO to affected residents

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