North Hills Community Education Grant

Upper Dublin Township residents that live within the North Hills Neighborhood of Upper Dublin may apply for the Board of Commissioners North Hills Community Education Grant. Qualified successful applicants receive a minimum grant of $500 and a maximum grant of $1,000. Selection criteria and application are available below or at the Township Building. To request an application call 215-643-1600 x3220. Questions concerning the application call 215-643-1600 x3220. Deadline to apply is June 1st each year.

Application Information and Download

2018 No Award
2017 $1,000  Yu Yeol Jung
2016 $1,000  Christopher Shields
2015 $1,000  Sean Patrick Shields
2015 $1,000  Samuel Williams
2014 No Award
2013 $500  Andrew Kent
2012 $500  Angel Minor
2012 $500  Andrew Moore
2011 $500  Aaron Lawson
2011 $500  Angel Minor
2010 $750  Danielle Chaney
2009 $1,000  Angel Minor
2008 $1,000  Kelly Coleman
2008 $1,000  Aaron Lawson
2007 No Award
2006 $1,000  Terrence Green
2005 No Award
2004 $500  Tony Herder
2004 $500  Theresa Rines

Since 2004 there have been 16 awards totaling $11,250.

Academic Awards

Each year, the Township funds two academic awards at the Upper Dublin High School (UDHS) awards program.

Chief Kasyer Memorial Scholarship

The Chief Kasyer Memorial Scholarship is an award in the amount of $300 to $400 given to a qualifying UDHS graduating senior toward the cost of an undergraduate degree. Chief Kayser was the Police Chief of the UDPD for many years in the 1970s-1980s.

2018  $300 Lea Mangifesta
2017  $300  Lynne Raynor
2016  $300  Annika Puskar
2015  $300  Erin Russell
2014  $300  Alycia Hildebrand
2013  $300  Benjamin Kramer

Dr. William Ritter Award

The Dr. William Ritter Award is a $500 grant established as a memorial to Dr. Ritter, a long-time science teacher at the high school and instrumental in the establishment of Robbins Park. The award is given to a UDHS senior who has made a significant contribution at Robbins Park and who is interested in pursuing a science degree.

2018  $500 Brynn Demers
2017  $500  Angela Stevenson
2016  $500  Thomas Juelke
2015  $500  David Miron
2014  $500  Allen Tang
2013  $500  Iris Chan

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