Pets in an Emergency

What do you do with your pets in a disaster?

Your Upper Dublin Emergency Management Team is committed to serving your whole family, including your pets. Natural and man made disasters are a fact of life. Plan before a crisis occurs. Many area evacuation shelters run by the American Red Cross at local schools now accept people with their pets. Pets are kept crated in a separate area.

  • Have a pet evacuation kit that includes items specific to your type of pet (see guide on documents page).
  • Contact your Veterinarian for a list of preferred boarding kennels and facilities.
  • Identify hotels and motels inside and outside your immediate location that accept pets.
  • Ask friends and relatives outside your immediate area if they are willing to house your pet.


Questions can be directed to (215) 643-1600.

Pet Evacuation Guide

Icon of Guide-Pets and Disasters Guide-Pets and Disasters (85.9 KiB)

Being prepared for emergencies can reduce the fear, panic, and inconvenience that surrounds a disaster.

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