Planning Commission (PC)

The Planning Commission meetings are usually held in the township building on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. and are open to the public. Agendas are available on the Meeting Agendas page and minutes are available on the Meeting Minutes page.

The Planning Commission was created in January of 2007. The purpose is to serve as a valuable "work horse" for the Board of Commissioners. It does the nitty-gritty, technical work necessary to make both current and long range planning successful. It provides and collects whatever technical or detailed information is necessary to inform the Board of Commissioners as they make decisions on setting long-range goals and Township policy.

Planning Commission Members

The seven members of the Planning Commission of Upper Dublin Township are volunteers (re)appointed for a period of four years (some terms are in transition at a shorter length) by the Board of Commissioners. Its membership represents a range of professional expertise and community interests. To send an email to a specific member click on the member's name below.

Member Term Expires
Robert C. Winegrad December 31, 2017
Michael J. Cover, Chair December 31, 2018
Priscilla Nieto McDonald December 31, 2018
Glenn Griffin December 31, 2019
Paul Halpern December 31, 2019
Jeffrey B. Albert December 31, 2020
Gary Weaver, Vice Chair December 31, 2020

Planning Commission Responsibilities

The Planning Commission actively reviews current planning issues, such as active development applications. It is also responsible for helping complete the longer range planning necessary to retain and enhance the quality and character of Upper Dublin Township.

Planning Commissioners can sometimes spend hours reviewing current development plans, both before and during a meeting. To be most effective a planning commissioner visualizes what currently exists on a site and understands what is proposed to change. To aid in this process it can be helpful, and may be necessary, to visit each development site with Township staff to see the property and identify issues of concern.

All written development reviews, including those from the zoning officer, the Township Engineer, the community planner and county planning agency, the environmental advisory board and any other appropriate advisory group, are sent to the Planning Commission for their review and use in discussing an application. The Planning Commission holds public meetings, similar to the Commissioners Planning Committee, where the applicant and the community discuss the application, ask questions, voice concerns and brainstorm solutions. Ultimately, the Planning Commission pulls all the discussion and information together and provides the Board of Commissioners with either a recommendation for approval or reasons for denial. Township Staff works with the Planning Commission, providing administrative and technical support as needed.

Based on direction from the Board of Commissioners, the Planning Commission may work on updating the Township's Comprehensive Plan and/or work on topical issues such as specific land use and zoning matters, open space preservation and recreational services, stormwater management and flooding problems, housing, transportation, and/or economic development and revitalization efforts.

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