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In person Board of Commissioner meetings have moved to the Upper Dublin Public Library in the Auditorium, 520 Virginia Drive, Fort Washington, PA 19034. A hybrid Zoom option may be available. Visit the Meeting Agendas & Minutes webpage the day of a scheduled meeting for the public link to the hybrid Zoom option.

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Conduct at Meetings

Citizens are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly and courteous manner during the meeting. Anyone behaving in a disruptive or disorderly manner will be removed from the meeting.

Meeting Procedures

All meetings of the Board of Commissioners, boards and committees are open to the public and are conducted under the Commonwealth's open meeting law. There are some specific occasions when the board will adjourn to executive session. In the course of the meeting announcements will be made about that particular executive session, its purpose and whether or not the public meeting will be reconvened.

Participation in Meetings

Citizens may be heard at Board of Commissioners meetings, at Public Hearings, or on other items on the agenda when recognized by the presiding member of the Board. At the stated legislative meetings of the Board the presiding member is usually the president of the Board of Commissioners. At the committee meetings the presiding member is usually the chairman of that respective committee. When recognized by the presiding official please  give your name and address and speak briefly on the matter. All questions must be directed to the presiding official and not to another member of the audience. At public hearings those individuals who will be giving testimony will be asked to swear or affirm the truthfulness of the testimony. Questions and comments can also be sent in advance by email. Please see the instructions for email on the meeting webpage.


Videos are posted online on the meeting webpage. Televising meetings live on UDTV has been suspended due to Hurricane Ida damage. DVD copies of meetings can be ordered for a fee through the Manager's office at (215) 643-1600 x3221.

Terms Used at Meetings

  • Amendment - A change to a previously approved ordinance, resolution or motion.
  • Motion - A motion is a proposal by a Commissioner that the Commission take a specific action on a recommendation, resolution or ordinance, or to express itself on an issue. A motion is made by one member and must have support (a second) by another member. Discussion is allowed on the motion prior to the final vote. The full Commission then votes, and the final vote indicates majority approval or disapproval of the motion.
  • Ordinance - A local law approved by the Board of Commissioners. Ordinances can only be adopted by a majority of the commissioners at a public meeting after certain advertisement requirements established by the state have been met.
  • Proclamation - A document officially recognizing an event or accomplishment by citizens or organizations.
  • Resolution - An official decision made by the Commission that does not require a public hearing.
  • Variance - A license approved by the Zoning Hearing Board, such as a variance from the zoning regulations. The Board of Commissioners is not empowered to grant variances.

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