Upper Dublin Township Municipal Authority

In September 2016, Upper Dublin Township Commissioners authorized the formation of a new Municipal Authority, to manage the ongoing office park improvement program. This public agency filled a void created over time by the office park’s fragmented ownership base and the lack of centralized property management. The Authority undertakes projects involving improvements in the Greater Fort Washington District (GFWD) and neighboring business areas.

Contact Information

Upper Dublin Township Municipal Authority
370 Commerce Drive
Fort Washington, PA 19034
Phone: 215-628-8759

Executive Director: Kurt Ferguson
Finance Director: Jonathan K. Bleemer
Municipal Authority Chairperson: Robert Pesavento
Municipal Authority Board Member and Meeting Information

Agendas, Minutes and Meeting Videos

Agendas, minutes and videos for meetings of the MA are available as downloads.
Minutes are posted after they have been approved and signed.
Apply to Serve on the Upper Dublin Township Municipal Authority

General Information

In the calendar year 2020, The Upper Dublin Township Municipal Authority received $1,006,684 in grant funding from 3 separate grants. In addition, the Authority is engaged in 12 other grants where grant funding has been approved and authorized, but not yet received. The total value to Upper Dublin Township of these 15 grants is $13.4 million.

Municipal Authority Annual Reports and Business Improvement Plans
Financial Audit & Statements
Authority Boundary Map:

Upper Dublin Township Municipal Authority Boundary Map-Approved by Authority 20180601; Approved by Board of Commissioners 20180710



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