Code Enforcement

Permits are required for the installation of above-ground, portable, and in-ground swimming pools. Required permit applications are the Building Permit Application and the Grading Permit Application. Visit the Documents & Forms page to find these permit applications. An above ground pool requires a building permit, plot plan, building & impervious coverage chart, electrical permit, and Residential Certificate of Occupancy. A portable pool requires a building permit depending on if it's two (2) feet high or over, a plot plan, building and impervious coverage chart, electric permit and Residential Certificate of Occupancy. An in-ground swimming pool requires a building permit, three (3) engineered sealed topo plans, electric permit, grading application and Residential Certificate of Occupancy.

If you are not sure where your property line is, or if you and your neighbor are in disagreement about the locations of a common property line, you may need to hire a land surveyor.

You can call the Code Enforcement Department at (215) 643-1600 x3211 or use connectUpperDublin. our Citizen Engagement Center. Please use the "Tall Grass/Weeds" selection under Code Enforcement.

Generally, it can take up to 15 business days for residential building permits and up to 30 business days for non-residential building permits.

The permitted hours for construction work in the Township are from 7a-10p on weekdays and 8a-11p on weekends. If contractors begin work prior to the permitted hours, please contact the Code Enforcement Department at (215) 643-1600 x3211.

Political signs may not be placed on utility poles, on trees, or within the public right-of-way of a street (generally prohibited with six (6) feet of the curb or edge of the road - code section 196-3N). Visit our voter webpage for more detailed information.

There is no permit required for a garage sale. However, signs advertising the sale cannot be placed on utility poles. See general sign regulations (Code Book 196-3). Please refer to Chapter 196 of the Upper Dublin Township Code for more details.

The Township permits "no impact" and "minor" home occupations (code section 255-27.I,J.). Please contact the Zoning Officer at (215) 643-1600 x3213 with further questions. Please refer to Section 255-27 of the Upper Dublin Township Code for more details. If you wish to report a possible illegal home business, use connectUpperDublin, our Citizen Engagement Center. Please use the "Zoning/Use of Property" selection.

Upper Dublin Township does not have an Animal Control Officer. Contact Critter Control or the ASPCA if you have an animal issue on your property. For emergencies, or if the animal seems rabid, call the police at 911. For dead animals, call Public Works at (215) 643-1600 x3233. If the dead animal is a deer please visit the dead deer webpage for information.


The State code sets the maximum salary that Commissioners could be paid based upon township population. The Commissioners are also reimbursed for any costs that they incur out-of-pocket for township business expenses as part of their office.

The Township website has agendas for past meetings and current meeting agendas are generally posted the Friday afternoon before a meeting that is to occur in the following week. View Meeting Agendas.

The Township website has Commissioners Meeting minutes for past meetings after they have been approved and signed by the board or the committee. View approved Meeting Minutes.

The commissioners are elected, one from each ward, and serve on a part-time basis for four-year terms. Elections are held bi-annually with an alternating four seats and three seats subject to election or re-election. See the Board of Commissioners webpage for specific term expiration dates by Ward.

Citizens may be heard at Board of Commissioners meetings, at Public Hearings, or on other items on the agenda when recognized by the presiding member of the Board. When recognized by the presiding official, please come forward to the microphone, give your name and address and speak briefly on the matter. All questions must be directed to the chair and Board of Commissioners and not to another member of the audience. At public hearings, those individuals who will be giving testimony will be asked to swear or affirm the truthfulness of the testimony. Visit the meeting information webpage for more details.


A summary of the Township Budget is available on the Township's website as well as a link to the Township's Full Budget.

Fire Services

Recreational fires are allowed in Upper Dublin Township. Open burning and bonfires are prohibited in Upper Dublin Township. Recreational fires shall not be conducted within 25ft of a structure, nor combustible material. Conditions that would cause a recreational fire to spread must be eliminated (clear leaves and debris away from the fire) Recreational fire must not be larger than 3ft in diameter. Portable fire places must be used according to the manufactures specifications along with meeting the 25ft clearance. Recreational fires must be constantly attended, along with a method to extinguish the fire readily available. Only dry wood is allowed to be used in a recreational fire; wet or green wood, leaves or other yard waste is prohibited.

Fire and life safety inspections are available through the Office of the Fire Marshal. Call at (215) 643-1600 x3923 or x3928.

Grills when used shall be kept at least ten (10) feet from a structure or used according to the manufactures specifications. Grills or open flame cooking devices are prohibited from use above the first floor in multi-family dwelling and on combustible decks.

Carbon Monoxide is a byproduct of any fossil fuel appliance, such as gas stove, gas or oil heater, etc. The installation of a CO Detector is highly recommended in a home. Detectors need to be replaced every seven (7) years. One can verify this date by checking the back of the detector for manufactured date. A detector should be placed outside of each sleeping area. The detector should be installed as recommended by the manufacturer. Carbon Monoxide is odorless, colorless and is known as a "Silent Killer." When detector activates, call 9-1-1, leave the home, and wait outside for the Fire Department to check your home. Do not re-enter the home until Fire Personnel give the "okay" to return. For more information contact the Office of the Fire Marshal at (215) 643-1600 x3923 or x3928.

These detectors test for smoke in the air. Smoke Detectors should be installed in every home. At least one smoke detector should be located on each level of the home. It is also recommended that a smoke detector be installed in each sleeping area. Smoke Detector batteries should be changed annually or as recommended by the manufacturer. Smoke Detectors need to be replaced every 10 years. One can verify this date by checking the back of the detector for the manufactured date. When replacing detectors, it is advisable to replace the old detector with one that has a 10 year lithium battery. When a Smoke Detector activates call 9-1-1, leave the home, and wait outside for Fire Department Personnel to check your home. Do not reenter the home until Fire Personnel give the okay to return. For more information contact the Office of the Fire Marshal at (215) 643-1600 x3923 or x3928.


The Pennsylvania Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps low income people pay their heating bills through energy assistance grants. To apply , you may call or visit your local County Assistance Office (Montgomery County Assistance Office, 1931 New Hope Street, Norristown, PA 19401 Phone (610) 270-3500) or you can apply on line at PA COMPASS. To apply you will need the following:

  • Names of people in the household
  • Dates of birth for people in the household
  • Social Security Numbers for all household members
  • Proof of income for members of the household
  • A copy of a recent heating bill

If you have any questions, call the LIHEAP hotline at 1-866-857-7095 or LIHEAP at (610) 272-1752.

No person who is the owner of any improved or unimproved lot is permitted to allow that lot to become overgrown with grass, weeds or noxious plants exceeding a height of ten (10) inches. Report property maintenance issues using connectUpperDublin (Citizen Action Center).

Only dogs are required to be licensed. The County of the owner's residence issues dog licenses. These can be obtained from the Montgomery County Treasurer, located across from the Court House in Norristown. Special discounts apply for disabled persons and senior citizens. You must provide proof of status to the Treasurer. Treasurer's web page.

Human Resources


Yes. Access the Library databases from home by going to the Library website. Most Library databases are available from home with the use of your Library card number.

Yes. Library items should be returned in the condition in which they were checked out. If they are returned damaged you will be asked to pay the replacement cost of the item. Additional fees for lost or damaged packaging may apply.

Yes. The Library has a self-service black and white, as well as, color copying available for use by patrons. Nickels, dimes, quarters, $1 & $5 bills are accepted.

Yes. The Library has both computers for use and a wireless network provided by the Township. The network names are UD_Wifi_E (centered in the adult section) and UD_Wifi_W (centered in the Kids Place.) The wireless network is on 24/7. You are not required to have a Library card to access either resource.

Yes. These items are available through Montgomery County Libraries’ shared collection via the Overdrive platform, and can be downloaded to most eReading devices, including Android devices, iPhones, iPads, Kindles and Nooks among others. Items are also available to Upper Dublin patrons via the Hoopla platform. For more information and instructions for use, visit the Library website.

Patrons can print from the Library’s computers for a fee using our self-service system. Printing to Library printers from a personal laptop, phone or tablet in the Library or at home is also available from our Mobile Print Service Portal.

The Friends of the Upper Dublin Public Library accept donations of items in good condition for sale in the Book Sale Area in the Library. For more information, please call the Library (215-628-8744) or visit the Library website.

Patrons may check the status of their account at the Library's website by using their online library account; or they may call the Library at (215) 628-8744. Renewals may be done online, by phone or in person.

Patrons need their Library bar code number and a password to access their Library account. Passwords may be set up by coming in to the Library or by accessing your Library account online.

Patrons may request materials through their account on the Library's website, by calling the Library (215-628-8744), or by completing a request form at the library. There is no charge for items requested within the MCLINC system. A nominal fee may apply for items mailed from outside MCLINC. Search the Library Catalog.

Patrons may register for a library card, check out materials, pay fines, pay for lost or damaged materials, or make other inquiries. See the Information Desk for more extensive help and personal attention.

Patrons may check the status of their account at the Library's website by using their online library account or calling the Library at (215) 628-8744. Overdue notices are sent when an item is overdue by one week or more.

Parks & Recreation

Dogs are permitted at one park only in Upper Dublin: MonDaug Bark Park. MonDaug Bark Park is located at the Mondauk Manor Park at 1130 Camphill Road, Fort Washington, PA 19034. It is on Camphill Road, south of Susquehanna Road and north of Virginia Drive/Highland Ave. MonDaug Bark Park is to the right at the bottom of the parking lot in Mondauk Manor Park. Visit our Bark Park webpage for more information. Dogs are also permitted on all hard surface (paved) Township trails.

All group use on public property requires a permit. To inquire about group use of Upper Dublin School District indoor and outdoor facilities, please call the district business office at (215) 643-8814. For use of any community softball or baseball field or Township facilities, contact UD Parks and Recreation at (215) 643-1600 x3443. Outdoor facilities available for group use include: synthetic turf fields at SPARK, ballfields, large field areas, volleyball courts, basketball courts, picnic pavilions and walking tracks. Indoor facilities available for group use include: community rooms at the Upper Dublin Township Building, as well as Robbins Park trails and indoor facilities. Children's birthday party packages led by UDP&R staff are available at Robbins Park and Upper Dublin Township Building.

Upper Dublin High School has a ten-lane competitive pool. Visit the School District website for information about several programs available at this aquatic venue.

Yes, the Upper Dublin Community Pool, an outdoor pool owned and operated by the Township is located at 401 Logan Avenue in North Hills. The Community Pool opens each year on the Saturday after the public schools close and remains open through Labor Day. The pool may not be open weekdays during the last two weeks of the season, due to staffing. During the summer months call the pool office for directions at (215) 285-8510. Fees are charged. Visit the UDC Pool webpage for more information.

Yes, use the 24 hour drive up drop box in front of the Township building or mailbox #59 in the Township Building rotunda lobby for after-hours registrations. Registrations "dropped off" will be processed the next business day.

UDP&R offers multiple weeks of summer playgrounds for children who have completed kindergarten through 8th grade: multi week theatre camps, preteen summer camps, various environmental camps, fine arts and creative arts camps, sports camps for both boys and girls, certification programs in babysitting, science adventure camps, and weekly Super Summer Adventure trips. Visit the Parks and Recreation website for program information and to sign up.

24/7 registrations are accepted through the Township/Parks & Recreation online store. Mail in or drop off using the registration form found in the Leisure Guide or on the website. Registrations can be dropped off using the 24 hour drive up drop box in front of the Township building or mailbox #59 in the Township Building rotunda lobby for after-hours registrations. Registrations "dropped off" will be processed the next business day. Walk in to the UDP&R office window Mo-Fr 9a-5p to fill out a registration form. Call in (215) 643-1600 x3443 (tickets-only, trips and tours, and special events).

Please complete and submit this form to the Parks & Recreation office by emailing to lbrink@upperdublin.net (PREFERRED) or faxing it to 215-542-0797. Be sure to read all rules for use and fill out all fields highlighted in blue.

Alcohol is not permitted at our parks with one exception: a permit may be requested and issued by UDP&R for alcohol use at Mondauk Common. A fee is charged. For full list of ordinance and rules governing Upper Dublin Township Parks & Recreation sites, please see Upper Dublin Township Code 168.  

Smoking is prohibited in all Township parks by ordinance.

Many independent community programs are open to school-aged children and youth, ages vary by sport, and a fee is charged to participate. The responsibility of forming teams and leagues, securing coaches and officials, scheduling games, and organizing registration, rests solely with the sponsoring agency. Visit the Township website for a list of the organizations and contact information.

Robbins Park is an environmental education center, owned and maintained by Upper Dublin Township. It is operated and funded in cooperation with the Upper Dublin School District. There are trails, bird and animal blinds, picnic tables and gardens that are available for use and observation by individuals and families each day from dawn to dusk. Certain areas may be restricted from public use during scheduled school programs and large group uses. Visit the map webpage to download a map of Robbins Park.

The Parks and Recreation department sells discount tickets and vouchers at their office to local movie theaters, ski resorts, amusement parks, and various area venues. Orders for discount tickets may be placed on any business day between the hours of 9a and 5p by calling (215) 643-1600 x3443. Tickets to some area venues are available on the Parks and Recreation website. Once tickets are purchased, they are non-refundable and non-returnable. Cash and credit card purchases only.


Yes, we provide tours of the township police station to Boy Scout Troops, Girl Scout Troops and any other organization with an interest in local law enforcement. Please call Deputy Chief Lee Benson at (215) 646-2101 to arrange a tour.

Yes, we feel strongly that crime prevention measures taken by Township residents can greatly reduce the amount of crime that occurs in the Township. Residents, businesses and police need to work together to reduce the opportunity for crime to occur and make the township a safe place to live and work. Please call the police department at (215) 646-2101 and request an officer to discuss crime prevention programs.

If you have received a traffic citation issued by an Upper Dublin Police Officer, you can request a court hearing by calling the local Magisterial District Judge office at (215) 542-1262 to arrange a hearing date. Please read the back of the citation you were issued for additional information.

Please call Deputy Chief Lee Benson at (215) 646-2101 to discuss your request to have an officer come to your groups meeting. Topics available for discussion at your meeting are the Internet safety, Identity Theft, bicycle safety, Boy Scout and Girl Scout merit badge requirements, home and business security, any crime or safety topic by request.

Call the police department at (215) 646-2101 and provide the appropriate information to the police dispatcher providing your name, address, dates you will be away, emergency contact information and a phone number where we may be able to reach you in the case of an emergency.

You can either mail in your payment to the Upper Dublin Police Department or come in person to the police station between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday to pay the ticket. This must be done within 72 hours of receiving the ticket. Please follow the instructions on the bottom of the ticket.

Call the police business number at (215) 646-2101.

Contact Upper Dublin Police Department at (215) 646-2101 and ask to speak to one of the highway traffic officers. Concerns about stop signs or any other traffic control devices, including traffic lights can be discussed.

All reports of graffiti or vandalism can be made by calling the Upper Dublin Township Police Department at (215) 646-2101. You can also report issues on connectUpperDublin, powered by SeeClickFix.

If you have an emergency (crime in progress or injury) call 9-1-1 immediately. Business line is (215) 646-2101. Anonymous Tip Line is (215) 643-1600 x3914.

Public Works

No, Commercial Landscapers may not take yard waste to the Compost Site.

Order at the online store or call (215) 643-1600 x"0" to schedule this service. There are no fees for large cardboard pickup. Large cardboard pickup is scheduled for Wednesdays. Orders must be placed by noon on Tuesdays. Cardboard must be flattened and bundled. Please do not include packaging materials, nor styrofoam.

Order on the online store or call (215) 643-1600 x"0" to schedule and pay for this service. There are fees based on the item to be picked up. Bulk trash is scheduled on Wednesdays during non-holiday weeks. Visit our trash webpage for more info on the Township's bulk trash program.

Fluorescent light bulbs may be brought to any HAZ MAT collection for disposal. Hazardous Material collection dates, times and locations may be found on our website and Montgomery County's website. Any questions, please call Public Works at (215) 215-643-1600 ext. 3810.

There is a $10 fee to get an extra trash pickup (in brown carts) on Wednesdays during non-holiday weeks. Order in the online store or call (215) 643-1600 x"0" to schedule and pay for this service.

You can order and pay for an additional brown trash toter through the receptionist at (215) 643-1600 x "0". There is a one time fee of $250 for a 95 gallon toter or $200 for a 65 gallon toter.

Contact the Public Works Department at 215-643-1600 ext. 3810 with any recycling cart repair or replacement issues.

Call Public Works at (215) 643-1600 x3810. No charge for repairs. If cart cannot be repaired, it will be replaced at no charge.

Call Public Works at (215) 643-1600 ext. 3810. If the dead animal is a deer, please visit the dead deer webpage for information.

Please visit the dead deer webpage for information, or call Public Works at (215) 643-1600 ext. 3810.

Please call (215) 643-1600 ext. 3810 to report a street light issue.
*For emergencies, please dial 911

Please call (21) 643-1600 ext. 3810 to report a traffic light issue. Traffic signals control the movement of vehicles and people. Street lights provide lighting for the safe use of the roadway. Generally, basic repairs to signals such as replacing lamps will be done the next working day by Township personnel. More complicated repairs may be done through the Montgomery County Consortium maintenance crew or contractors. "Red" lights on signals are a higher priority than green or yellow and should be called in to Upper Dublin Police Dispatch at 215-646-2101 to be expedited. Most street light repairs are done by the Montgomery County Consortium crews and can take up to two (2) weeks to be completed.
*For emergencies, please dial 911

Call the police business number at (215) 646-2101.
*For emergencies, please call 911*

Contact the Receptionist at (215) 643-1600 x"0" to determine if you are eligible for a refund.

Call the Front Desk at (215) 643-1600 ext. 0

Call Public Works at (215) 643-1600 ext. 0.

The compost site facility is normally open Monday-Friday, 7:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
Site is closed for lunch 11:30 a.m.-12:45 p.m.

Please note that this site is for reasonable amounts of residential yardwaste drop off only. A proper ID is required. No commercial contractors allowed.

Visit the yard waste webpage for the exact dates of yard waste pickup and other general information.

Compost is available year round, while supplies last. Spring is more of a leafy mix. Later in the year, it is more of a woody mix. Visit our compost site webpage for hours and locations.

Please visit the paving webpage for more information or call (215) 643-1600 ext. 3810 with specific questions.

Yes. Extra bags of trash will be picked up at the end of the year on your regular trash day at no charge. No call-in required. Please visit the Public Works calendar, or call (215) 643-1600 ext. 3810 for dates.

Yes. Christmas trees are collected in January. Visit the trash webpage for more information.


Township information only, including organizations and agencies associated with the Township and School District, will be accepted for broadcast on the local origination channels/UDTV. Visit our UDTV webpage.

UDTV is available for Township customers of Comcast and Verizon FiOS. Comcast Cable carries UDTV-GOV on channel 22. Verizon FiOS carries UDTV-GOV on channel 21. More information about these services is available on the UDTV webpage.

There is info about the township broadcasts on the township website at the UDTV webpage.

Upper Dublin Public Library

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Parks & Rec

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