Stormwater Management Program (SWMP)

Public Works Drainage & Improvement Projects

Protect our Waterways

If you smell gas, smell oil, or see an oil spill that threatens our waterways call 911.

Stormwater is Everyone's Responsibility

Did you know that the stormwater drains and inlets within your neighborhood have an important impact on the water quality of our streams? Why? Because storm drains flow directly to nearby rivers and streams, not to wastewater treatment plants. Your street is really like waterfront property and everything that rain washes off of your roof, yard, and driveway goes to the nearby water used for swimming, boating, and maybe even drinking. Anything dumped into these drains goes directly into a local stream. Everyone can help. Homeowners, business owners, developers, and other citizens should never dump anything into storm drains so we can protect our water from storm water pollution that may close beaches, cause unsightly weed and algae growth, and even kill fish!

Other Ways to Help:

  • Use less fertilizer on lawns
  • Recycle used oil
  • Pick up pet wastes
  • Dispose of household hazardous waste responsibly
  • Wash your vehicle at a commercial car wash, not on the driveway

Be sure to visit the Township Building to pick up your literature on Stormwater!

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