Construction & Permit Applications

Any earth movement activity requires a Township grading permit.

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Construction Industry Information

The construction industry has a key role to play in storm water management. As storm water flows over a construction site, it can pick up pollutants such as sediment, debris, and chemicals. Uncontrolled erosion has a significant financial impact on a construction project. It costs time and money to repair gullies, replace vegetation, clean sediment clogged storm drains, and mitigate damage to other people’s property.

Installing and maintaining pollution prevention techniques on site can reduce the potential for storm water pollution and help protect our nation’s water supply.

Protect Natural Features By:

  1. Minimizing the amount of exposed soil, because the less soil that is exposed the easier and cheaper it will be to control erosion.
    1. Sequence construction activities so that the soil is not exposed for long periods.
    2. Schedule site stabilization activities such as landscaping to be completed as quickly as possible after the land has been graded to the final contour.
  2. Identify and protect areas where existing vegetation such as trees will not be disturbed by construction activity.
  3. Protect streams, wild woodlands, wetlands, and other sensitive areas from any disturbance or construction activity by fencing or otherwise clearly marking those areas.
    1. Silt Fencing
      • Inspect and maintain silt fences after each rainstorm.
      • Make sure that the bottom of the silt fence is buried in the ground.
      • Securely attach the material to the stakes.
    2. Construction Entrances
      • Make sure the construction entrance doesn’t become buried in soil.
      • Regular street sweeping at construction entrance will prevent dirt from entering storm drains.

Visit the PA DEP Stormwater Management web site for stormwater management related construction permit applications and other information. Other important links are listed at the bottom of this web page.

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