Street Lights

Upper Dublin Township is replacing street lighting throughout the Township with energy-efficient LEDs. The replacement began in mid-August 2017 and will continue for about two months.

The move will help the Township save in electricity costs, reduce carbon emissions and help make streets safer. LEDs can cut energy use and carbon emissions by up to 60 percent and can last years longer than traditional street lights. They also distribute light more consistently, with fewer dark spots, so streets are illuminated more evenly and less light is misdirected. LED street light costs have been dropping and efficiencies improving in recent years as the technology has become increasingly efficient.

This replacement is in part a necessity, as 30% of the Township's streetlights are a technology that was banned from production effective 2008, and, therefore, cannot be repaired nor replaced with the original technology.

The overall objectives associated with this initiative include:

  • Converting all roadway and street lights to LED technology - Underway
  • Obtaining accurate GIS data for luminaires with GPS technology - **Complete
  • Optimizing benefits of the program with improved lighting
  • Reducing energy consumption and annual costs of street lights
  • Minimizing future costs to maintain and replace the converted street lights
  • The cost of this replacement will pay for itself within 13 years through rebates and reduced energy and maintenance costs

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Ten Fun Facts About LED Lights
Ten Fun Facts About LED Lights
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