Township Review of Roadways, Curb, Sidewalk, Driveway Aprons

The Township reviews the condition of each street at the end of the year and decides, based upon the present condition of the street, which roadways need to be resurfaced in the coming year. This list is then presented to the Board of Commissioners for their approval during the annual budget process.

Streets Selected for Mill and Overlay Program

*List of Streets - Mill and Overlay Program for 2023

As part of the street resurfacing process, the Township inspects the condition of the sidewalks and curbs on the streets that are to be paved. Using specific measuring criteria, Township inspectors determine which sidewalk and/or curb need to be replaced. The inspectors will mark each section of concrete that will need to be replaced with white paint. Please understand that, in accordance with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s First Class Township Code, the cost of concrete curb, sidewalk and driveway apron replacement must be borne by the property owner (see Township Code Chapter 207-31).

UDT Standard Detail: Concrete Construction and Paving Restoration

Deficient concrete meets specific criteria that is defined in Resolution 12-2108. Concrete that meets the criteria in the Resolution must be replaced prior to the commencement of the Township paving program.


Concrete Replacement Information for Property Owners

You may hire your own contractor to do any concrete work that is determined to be done on your property. The Township will be going out to bid in January to select a Township contractor. The Township bid is subject to the PA Prevailing Wage Act and as such is required to hire contractors who pay their employees in accordance with this Act. We have found that this may result in considerably higher prices than our residents have paid by retaining their own contractors. An approach that has worked very well for our residents is when they get together with their neighbors as a group and negotiate with the different contractors to do their work on a specific block. We encourage all residents to consider this option as it should result in lower prices then we normally would receive.

Township Contractor Pricing for the 2023 Curb and Sidewalk Program

If you decide to hire your own contractor, please be aware that the Public Works staff needs to meet with your contractor prior to the start of work to discuss the work limits, inspection and permit requirements, and quality standards that are expected. You may contact Ralph Alessandrini at 215-643-1600 (x3807) with any questions.

Payment Options - when using Township contractor

For invoices totaling $1000 and over, the Township will offer residents the following payment options:

  1. Pay the invoice in full within 45 days.
  2. For invoice totals between $1000 and $3000, pay in monthly installments over a 12-month period with no interest or service fees.
  3. For invoices totaling $3000 and over, pay in monthly installments over a 36-month period with no interest or service fees. If this option is taken, the property owner must sign an agreement allowing the Township to place a lien against the property if the monthly payments become delinquent for more than 30 days.

If, after 60 days from the date of the assessment, you have not paid the assessment un full or you have not requested an installment plan, a 10% penalty will be added to your assessment.

Sample Contractor List - Not Endorsements

Guide-Sample Contractor List and Information

For general program questions, call Rebecca Barrett at (x3810).

2023 Curb and Sidewalk Program documents available for download:

*Form-Highway Permit Application

*Notice - Curb and Sidewalk Program 2023 First Letter to Residents - 2/18/22 (Group 1)

*Notice – Curb and Sidewalk Program 2023 First Letter to Residents – 12/15/22 (Group 2)

*Notice – Curb and Sidewalk Program 2023 Second Letter to Residents – 02/15/23

*Notice - Curb and Sidewalk Program 2023 Third Letter to Residents - 3/15/23

Questions? Call the Public Works Department at (215) 643-1600 ext. 3810.

Public Works Information


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Phone And Email Directory

Alessandrini, Ralph

Public Works Director (215) 643-1600 x3807/

Barrett, Becki

Public Works Administrative Assistant (215) 643-1600 x3810/

Brown, Bernard

Highway Superintendent (215) 643-1600 x3806/

Fennell, Mary Anne

Engineering Assistant (215) 643-1600 x3233/

Fountain, Thomas

Township Engineer (215) 643-1600 x3372/

Frey, Craig D.

Sanitation Project Coordinator (215) 643-1600 x3412/

Gaul, Jerry

Fleet & Facilities Director (215) 643-1600 x3808/

Haber, Ray

Sign Shop 215-643-1600 x3811/

Harold, Les

Sanitation Superintendent (215) 643-1600 x3801/

Remy, Patrick

Inspector (215) 643-1600 x3236/

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