Sidewalk /Cartway Obstructions

In accordance with the Township's Codification Article IV, Section 212-15 Streets (9) "Obstructions. No fences, trees, hedges, walls, plants or other obstructions shall be located or be permitted to grow in the right-of-way."

In order to accommodate pedestrian safety on sidewalks, please keep all plantings, shrubs or trees cut back to one foot (1') behind the property side edge of your sidewalk and to eight feet (8') above the sidewalk.

Numerous roadways in the Township have no curbs, or sidewalks, or curbs without sidewalks. A free and uninterrupted area is required on these roads. In order to accommodate pedestrians and vehicular traffic, the area adjoining the edge of the traveled road should be kept clear for no less than four feet (4').

Obstructions in Highway Boundaries

In accordance with the Township's Codification Article III, Section 207-11 Prohibited obstructions, "It shall be unlawful and a violation of this chapter to erect, set up, bury, place, maintain, or allow any gasoline pump, oil tank, wall, fence, pillar, electric fence, sprinkler system, or other obstruction, whether above or below ground, within the boundaries of any public highway or public right-of-way."

Site Distance Obstruction

In accordance with the Township Ordinance Section 4.04 "Obstructions to Vision at Intersections, … no growth shall be planted or maintained which shall interfere with a free and unobstructed view down and across lands located at or near the intersection of any two roads." Maintenance of shrubbery is also necessary in the vicinity of driveways.

Please keep all trees, shrubs and plantings/vegetation cut back to ensure proper site distance. Public Works Personnel will assist you in determining the necessary amount of trimming required to meet this objective.

Questions? Call the Upper Dublin Township Public Works at (215) 643-1600 ext. 0

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