Paving Program - Ralumac

Updated as of 09/23/19  3:40 PM.   Work has been ongoing.  See below for updated status on various streets.  Check back here often for updates.

This work will again by done by Asphalt Paving Systems of Hammonton, New Jersey.  A letter will be mailed shortly explaining this paving process and providing approximate dates for the work to be completed on each street.  Contractor will place door hangers on your home the day prior to the paving being done on your street. Temporary “No Parking” signs will be posted by our Highway Department at least one day in advance of the actual work being done.

List of Streets to be Ralumac:

Street From To Re-Surfacing
Arran Way Aidenn Lair Road Dead End Completed
Avoca Drive Entire Roadway Completed
Bernard Avenue Woodland Road Dead End Completed
Bluebird Lane Entire Roadway Completed
Camp Hill Road Dreshertown Road Heller Way 9/25/19
Douglass Street Ardross Avenue Argyle Avenue Completed
Dundee Drive Alpin Drive Woodland Road Completed
Fulton Drive Limekiln Pike Cul-de-sac Completed
G Avenue Spear Avenue Ball Field Completed
Glenburnie Lane Entire Roadway Completed
H Avenue Quarry Avenue Spear Avenue Completed
Jonathan Way Entire Roadway 9/24/19
Loch Alsh Avenue Cedar Road Bethlehem Pike 9/24/19
Meetinghouse Road Fort Washington Ave. Schirra Drive 9/25/19
N. Beecham Drive Entire Roadway 9/24/19
Prospect Avenue Madison Avenue Cul-de-Sac Completed
Willow Avenue Bethlehem Pike Susquehanna Road Completed
Woodland Road North Hills Avenue Dundee Drive Completed

Although work may not be done on your particular street until later in the day, the contractor usually begins work at 7:00 AM.  You are strongly encouraged to make sure that your automobiles are moved out of your driveways and off your street before this time.

If you need to get into or out of your driveway during the time that work is in progress, particularly when work is being done directly in front of your house, you may have to wait a few hours so the material has time to properly set up.  If there are unusual circumstances that warrant consideration, please contact the Upper Dublin Township Public Works Department as soon as possible.

The contractor and the Township will do everything we can to reduce the inconvenience to our residents during this paving project and we ask for your patience and cooperation.

Ralumac® micro-surfacing is a cost-effective preventive maintenance technique for renewing surfaces and protecting pavements. A quick, economical surface treatment for asphalt and PCC, micro-surfacing provides a smooth, black, highly textured and durable pavement surface. 

Ralumac micro-surfacing is applied by contractors using self-contained mixing and laying equipment.  The equipment continuously blends the separately loaded components in a job mix formula.  It can be applied in a thin lift, it sets quickly, and the road can be reopened to traffic in about an hour.  When applying the Ralumac to the road surfaces, the contractor must overlap his paving passes to get full coverage.  Depending on the width of the street, two or three passes may be required.  This process causes ridges to appear at these overlaps.  However, as the traffic action kneads the material, closing up the surface rendering it virtually impervious.  The traffic will wear down any irregularities in the paving surface and will smooth them out in a relatively short time.  Please be advised, therefore, that this road application will not look like a road that is milled and overlayed.  It will leave a gritty appearance until the traffic wears down the material and smooths it out.  This is perfectly normalTownships use micro-surfacing as part of their preventive maintenance programs, and for rut filling and texturing their moderate to heavy volume roads--over both asphalt and concrete pavements.  A successful Ralumac micro-surfacing project can last from 6 to 9 years, depending on application and project conditions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Andy Fowler (Engineering Assistant) at 215-643-1600 (x3335).  Thank you in advance for your kind co-operation in this important project.

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