Paving Program - Mill and Overlay

UPDATED SCHEDULE AS OF 09/05/18 AT 02:43 PM:   The Township Mill and Overlay project began on Monday, August 13th.  The Township contractor and the Township paving crew have all completed their milling and paving assignments for 2018.

Street From To Milling Paving
Blair Lane Dillon Road Cul-de-sac Completed Completed
Boden Place Madison Avenue Madison Avenue Completed Completed
Bridlepath Lane Pebblewood Lane Cul-de-sac Completed Completed
Cavan Drive Derry Drive Arran Way Completed Completed
Church Street Highland Avenue Bannockburn Avenue Completed Completed
Cinnamon Circle Susquehanna Road Cul-de-sac Completed Completed
Cinnamon Drive End of Newer Paving Camp Hill Road Completed Completed
Conwell Drive Bell Lane Cul-de-sac Completed Completed
Cory Drive Hartranft Avenue Barton Drive Completed Completed
Crystal Valley Drive Susquehanna Road Cul-de-sac Completed Completed
Dorsey Place Susquehanna Road Cul-de-sac Completed Completed
Dublin Road Jarrettown Road Arran Way Completed Completed
Franklin Lane Howe Lane Fort Washington Avenue Completed Completed
Haddon Place Wallace Drive Cul-de-sac Completed Completed
Hartranft Avenue Highland Avenue Barton Drive Completed Completed
Hideaway Circle Cinnamon Drive Cul-de-sac Completed Completed
Kane Drive Willet Drive Temple Drive Completed Completed
Kenmare Drive Jarrettown Road Derry Drive Completed Completed
Kiesel Lane Schirra Drive Dillon Road Completed Completed
Orchard Lane Bethlehem Pike Ambler Road Completed Completed
Pebblewood Lane Twining Road Cul-de-sac Completed Completed
Purdie Lane Ludwell Drive Welsh Road Completed Completed
Stuart Lane Bethlehem Pike Ambler Road Completed Completed
Treetop Lane Kiesel Lane Cul-de-sac Completed Completed


Joseph E. Sucher and Sons, Inc. of Eddystone, PA will be doing this work for the Township.  Any schedule posted is dependent on weather and the lack of any equipment breakdowns. Temporary “No Parking” signs will be posted by our Highway Department at least one day in advance of the actual work being done.  The No Parking signs are for Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Check back here often for updates.  Dates for this work will be posted here when available.  All dates are subject to the weather and equipment breakdowns. 

Although work may not be done on your particular street until later in the day, the contractor usually begins work at 7:00 AM. You are strongly encouraged to make sure that your automobiles are moved out of your driveways and off your street before this time.

If you need to get into or out of your driveway during the time that the milling work is in progress, particularly when work is being done directly in front of your house, you may have to wait up to ½ hour. If there are unusual circumstances that warrant consideration, please contact the Upper Dublin Township Public Works Department as soon as possible to provide phone contact information.

During the milling process (whereby the existing blacktop is removed from the street), you will be able to get your cars into and out of your driveway with relatively short notice, except for when the milling equipment is working directly in front of your property. However, during the paving process, after an area is paved, adequate time (usually a few hours) must be allowed for the new blacktop to be properly compacted and cooled before traffic can drive on it. This will prevent damage to both the new street surface and to your car’s finish and tires. We also encourage you not to make sharp turns into and out of your driveway for a few days after paving to prevent the appearance of tire marks on your new roadway.

The contractor and the Township will do everything they can to reduce the inconvenience to our residents during this paving project and we ask for your patience and cooperation. This milling/paving process should not have to be repeated on your street for 20 to 30 years, although the road will be resurfaced every 7 to 10 years with a thin surface treatment in order to prevent road deterioration.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ralph Alessandrini (Township Inspector) at 215-643-1600 (x 3236). In his absence, you may also contact Jerry Smith (Public Works Administrator) at 215-643-1600 (x 3234).

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