Hunter Regulations & Procedures:
  1. Upper Dublin Township will determine the days and hours of hunting permitted at any particular site.
  2. Hunters must comply with all Pennsylvania Game Commission regulations.
  3. The safety zone for archery hunters statewide, including those using crossbows, is 50 yards and 150 yards respectively; therefore, it is unlawful to archery hunt within 50 yards of any occupied residence, camp, industrial or commercial building, farm house or farm building without the permission of the occupants and 150 yards of a school or playground. It is unlawful to shoot into a safety zone, even if you are outside of the safety zone.
  4. Hunters must harvest one antlerless deer before being eligible to harvest a buck.
  5. Portable tree stands may be used and hunters must wear a full body harness. No screw-in steps are allowed.
  6. Hunters must report to the Upper Dublin Communications Center prior to their hunt.
  7. Each hunter will be required to sign-in and provide their hunting location.
  8. If a hunter changes their specified area of hunting, they must return to the Upper Dublin Communications Center and sign-out/sign-in.
  9. When signing-out, indicate if a deer has been harvested.
  10. Hunting hours will be within the regulations of the PGC (½ hour before sunrise to ½ hour after sunset).
  11. Access to the hunting locations will be available 30 minutes prior to legal shooting time.
  12. All participants should be out of the hunting locations 30 minutes after the end of legal shooting time.

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