The Community Response Unit (CRU) is an element of the Patrol Division. The CRU is tasked with addressing community concerns and providing community education. Since the CRU functions within the Patrol Division, the member officers continue to answer calls for service and perform patrol duties in addition to their CRU duties and responsibilities.

The CRU consists of a Sergeant and Corporal and two (2) patrol officers; there are four (4) additional patrol officers who are assigned to each platoon and perform Community Response duties as well. All of these officers are referred to as Community Response Officers (CROs).

The CROs work hours that differ from those of the patrol squads; in essence they serve as a “power shift,” thereby increasing the number of officers who are working during shift changes and when there is an increased need for police services.

The CRU’s mission is to identify and address the concerns of the Upper Dublin Township community. Among those that have been identified by the police department:

Traffic Safety Activities
Aggressive Driving and Buckle-Up Enforcement Crash Investigation & Reconstruction Commercial Vehicle Inspection & Enforcement Driving Under the Influence Enforcement
Parking Complaints &  Enforcement Roadway Analysis & Assistance with Engineering Traffic Complaints & Enforcement Traffic Data Analysis & Surveys


Community Engagement
Community Presentations Crime Prevention & Education Montgomery County Service Agency Resource Coordination School Safety Initiatives and Liaison Social Media Platforms


The Community Response Unit is actively looking for ways to continue to address the concerns of the Upper Dublin Township community. If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please contact the Community Response Unit Supervisor, David Madrak at

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