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©Jeffrey Ollis

Police Department Contact Information

Upper Dublin Township Police
801 Loch Alsh Avenue
Fort Washington, PA 19034

General Police Business: (215) 646-2101
Fax: (215) 628-8976
TTY: 711
To save a life or stop a crime - POLICE / FIRE / MEDICAL EMERGENCIES call: 911

Anonymous Tip Line


Hours: 365 days - 24/7
Records Window Hours: M-F 8a-4p


The Upper Dublin Township Police Department was established in 1928 by resolution of the Upper Dublin Township Board of Commissioners.

The Department is charged with the protection of life and property within Upper Dublin Township. The Upper Dublin Township Police Department is a first class, civil service, accredited, law enforcement agency. Staffed 24-hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, the Department employs forty (40) full-time police officers and a support staff of six (6) full-time and six (6) part-time civilian personnel. The Upper Dublin Township Police Department consists of two (2) primary divisions identified as Administration and Patrol along with five (5) support units identified as Communications, Detectives, Highway Patrol, Professional Standards, and Records. The Department also has several specialized units addressing Bicycle Patrol, Major Incident Response, Medical Response, Narcotics Enforcement, and Tactical Response. The Upper Dublin Township Police Department is dispatched to “Calls for Service” by the Montgomery County Communications Center (911).

The Administrative Division consists of the Command Staff, Communications, Detectives, Professional Standards, and Records personnel. Within the Administrative Division there are nine (9) sworn members of the police department.

The Patrol Division consist of the most visible members of the Department since it is their responsibility to respond to all “Calls for Service,” apprehend and arrest offenders, conduct preliminary criminal investigations as well vehicle crash investigations and traffic enforcement, identify hazardous conditions and conduct community policing activities within Upper Dublin Township. There are four (4) platoons, each of which have five (5) police officers assigned who are under the direction of a Sergeant with support provided by a Corporal, which allows for a clear and concise chain-of-command. In addition, the Patrol Division also consists of a Traffic Safety Unit whose Traffic Safety Officers are responsible for enhancing the safety of motorists and pedestrians in Upper Dublin Township.

The Upper Dublin Township Police Department maintains a “Community Oriented Policing” philosophy through the dedication and service of its members. The Upper Dublin Township Police Department hosts a variety of community outreach programs, some of which include:

Mission Statement

The Upper Dublin Township Police Department exists to provide to all who live, work, visit or otherwise enter this jurisdiction the most professional police services that can be offered. We are committed to providing a safe environment for all through diligent police patrol, exhaustive police investigations, service to the community, the impartial enforcement of laws with respect and concern for fundamental human rights and dignity.

Our commitment to excellence not only extends to the community, but to the officers and employees of this department who have dedicated themselves to the police profession. We will strive to provide the training, education, career development, equipment, and support needed to fulfill our mission with the safety and security of our officers in mind.

We will never rest or become complacent with our achievements, but will continuously assess our performance to meet the needs and demands of the community we serve.

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Phone And Email Directory

Benson III, Ralph W. (Lee)

Chief of Police (215) 646-2101/lee.benson@udpd.us

Copelin, Ryan

Administrative Staff Officer (215) 646-2101/ryan.copelin@udpd.us

Wade, Dan

Deputy Chief of Police (215) 646-2101/daniel.wade@udpd.us

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