Pesticide Hypersensitivity

General Information

The Pesticide Hypersensitivity Registry consists of a list of individuals who have been verified by a physician to have medical problems associated with exposure to pesticides. These individuals must be notified before you apply general or restricted use pesticides within 500 feet of their listed locations. Additional information concerning the registry can be obtained by calling the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Plant Industry, Division of Health & Safety at (717) 772-5231 or by fax at (717) 783-3275. Their web site is: Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

Notification Requirements

Notification is required when making pesticide applications within 500 feet of listings in the current Registry. *

Timing of the notification requirements:

  • At least 12 hours, but not more than 72 hours prior to the application. (Regardless of the type of notification used.)

Notification is made when the required information is:

  • Provided to an adult at one of the three listed phone numbers.
  • Left as a message on an answering machine at the "day or night" number listed.
  • Left on a door hanger at the Registry listing, following at least 2 unsuccessful phone attempts.
  • Sent by certified mail.
  • Provided by personal contact.

Notification shall consist of providing all of the following information to the individuals on the registry:

  • Date (of application)
  • Location (application site)
  • Earliest possible start time and latest possible finish time of application; range cannot be greater than 24 hours.
  • Brand name(s)
  • EPA Registration Number(s)
  • Active ingredient common name(s) (if on the label) for all of the pesticide products which may be used.
  • Business contact information:
    • Name
    • Telephone number
    • Business license number (BU- - - -)
  • A copy of the label for every pesticide used provided within 10 days of a request from an individual listed in the Registry.

Record retention:

  • Keep records of notifications for 3 years.

Exceptions - the following types of application do not require notification:

  • An application of a pesticide within a single family residential detached structure.
  • An application of a pesticide directly below the soil surface.
  • An application of a pesticide in a tamper-resistant bait station.
  • An application of a pesticide to a tree by means of injection. Prior notification requirements contained in § 128.83 (relating to ornamental or turf application) remain applicable.
  • An application of a disinfectant or sanitizer.

Registration Application

This link takes you to the PA State web site application: Pesticide Registry Application.


Most problems can be directed to the Department of Agriculture's Regional Office at (610) 489-1003.

  • Main call-in number (717) 772-5231
  • Extension 2 for Licensing
  • Extension 3 for Enforcement / Pesticide Complaint
  • Extension 4 for Product Registration

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