Animal Control

Call 911 for an emergency.

Report animal bites immediately to Upper Dublin Township Police Department at (215) 646-2101.

Domestic Animal Issues

Montgomery County SPCA: 610-825-0111

Animal Care & Control Team of Philadelphia
PSPCA Hot Line: 1-866-601-7722

Montgomery County Dog Warden
Edward Bunt
Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement

Dog Licenses

Only dogs are required to be licensed. The County of the owner's residence issues dog licenses. These can be obtained from the Montgomery County Treasurer, located across from the Court House in Norristown. Special discounts apply for disabled persons and senior citizens. You must provide proof of status to the Treasurer. Treasurer's web page.

Wild Animal Issues

Pennsylvania Game Commission
Regional Office for South Eastern PA
448 Snyder Road, Reading, PA 19605

The Commission is responsible for managing all of Pennsylvania's wild birds and mammals (i.e. rabid and deceased animals).


  • Critter Control 24 hour service: 1-888-330-5334 (licensed by PA Game Commission)
  • Animal Management (Humane Removal): 215-913-3713
  • Environmental Services Pest Control, Eastern MontCo: 610-584-6063
  • Honey Bee Swarms, Morris Arboretum: 215-247-5777



Since February 13, 1887, Pennsylvanians who own or keep dogs and household cats over three months of age must have them vaccinated against rabies. People who violate the law can be fined up to $300.

Link to Rabies Clinics provided by Montgomery County Health Department.

How can I protect my family from rabies?

Most people are exposed to rabies through pets that have a fight with a wild animal and become infected. Unvaccinated dogs and cats must be quarantined at an animal hospital for six months. Unvaccinated pets may be permitted to be quarantined at home under certain conditions. In those cases when home quarantine is not granted and when quarantine at a vet hospital is unaffordable, the pet has to be euthanized and the brain tissue tested. Vaccination of pets is therefore your first line of defense. The following steps must be taken:

  • All dogs and cats over the age of three (3) months must be vaccinated against rabies and wear an approved vaccination tag. Pet ferrets must also be vaccinated.
  • All dogs over the age of three (3) months must be licensed. The cost is minimal and payable to the County's Treasurer's Office. If you have any questions, call (610) 278-3070.
  • Dogs are prohibited from running at large at all times.
  • All animal bites must be reported to the Upper Dublin Township Police. Pets inflicting a wound are subject to quarantine and examination by a Veterinarian. Call the Police Department immediately if you are bitten or injured by a wild animal. High risk animals are raccoons, foxes, skunks and bats. Low risk animals are rabbits and rodents such as squirrels, mice and rats. Consult your physician immediately following any wound inflicted by an animal.
  • Bats pose a special risk in that most persons contacting bat rabies had no history of a bite or wound. Only a small percentage of bats (1%) harbor the rabies virus. A positive rabies exposure is now considered to occur if a bat is found in the house and had access to an area where people were sleeping or to a person who could not properly communicate exposure such as a young child or the disabled. Such person should receive rabies prophylaxis immediately.
  • Don't feed stray cats or handle animals with which you are unfamiliar. If you feed stray cats, you become the assumed owner and as the assumed owner you are required by law to have that animal vaccinated against rabies and the vaccination kept current.
  • Abandoned animals and unwanted pets should be turned over to the care of a local humane society.

A brochure "About Rabies" provides information to help citizens comply with the Rabies Law that was passed to prevent the spread of a disease that is fatal to animals and humans. This brochure is available at the Township Building.

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