Seniors Fire Safety

Free Smoke Detectors

The Burn Institute has teamed up with volunteers, fire departments and other community organizations to install a free smoke detector for any senior who does not have a working smoke detector in their home.  To qualify for a free smoke detector you must: be 55 years or older, own your own home and not currently have a working smoke detector. To order call the Burn Institute at (858) 541-2277.



Fire Injury Statistics for Seniors

  • Fire kills about 1,100 people ages 65+ each year.
  • People ages 65-74 are TWICE as likely to die in a home fire.
  • People ages 75-84 are nearly FOUR times as likely to die in a home fire.
  • People ages 85+ are more than FIVE times as likely to die in a home fire.

Smoking Safety Tips

  • Careless smoking is the leading cause of fire deaths among people ages 65+.
  • Careless smoking is the second leading cause of fire injuries among people ages 65+.
  • If alcohol or medication makes you drowsy, or you're just plain tired, put your cigarette out!
  • Never smoke in bed.
  • Use deep ashtrays/put your cigarette out all the way.
  • Don't walk away from a lit cigarette.

Cooking Safety Tips

  • Cooking - leading cause of fire injuries for people ages 65+
  • Cooking - third leading cause of fire deaths for people ages 65+
  • Never leave cooking unattended. A serious fire can start in just seconds.
  • Always wear short or tight-fitting sleeves when you cook. Keep towels, pot holders & curtains away from flames.
  • Never use the range or oven to heat your home.
  • Double-check the kitchen before you go to bed or leave the house.

Home Heating Safety Tips

  • Heating is the second leading cause of fire death for people ages 65+
  • Fires caused by heating are the third leading cause of fire injury for people ages 65+
  • Space heaters need space. Keep heaters at least three feet away from bed, curtains, & flammable materials.
  • When buying a space heater, look for a control feature that automatically shuts off power if heater falls over.
  • Keep fire in fireplace by making sure you have a screen large enough to catch flying sparks & rolling logs.

Get Out Alive Instructions

  • Smoke Alarms: Install a smoke alarm on every level of your home, test batteries monthly & change them at least once a year.
  • Home Fire Escape Plan: Develop & practice a fire escape plan regularly, at least twice a year. Keep exits clear of debris.
  • Home Fire Sprinklers: If at all possible, install residential sprinklers in your home.

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