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First Class Township code provides for the elective office of Tax Collector with a four year term of office. Duties include billing and collection of real estate taxes for the Township. By agreement, the Tax Collector also collects the County and School District real estate taxes. The Treasurer (appointed by the Board of Commissioners) signs Township disbursement checks prepared by the Finance Department and also signed by the Board of Commissioners President and the Township Secretary*. The Tax Collector and Treasurer are required by law to give the Township a fidelity bond. Remuneration for the Tax Collector’s services is a combination of a fixed salary paid by the Township and the School District plus a variable fee from Montgomery County.

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Michael E. Klein, Tax Collector/Treasurer |  (215) 646-4794 |

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Real Estate Tax Overview

Upper Dublin Real Estate Tax is determined by multiplying the assessed value of your home by the millage. The tax millage rate is determined annually by the Township, the County Board of Commissioners and the School Board.

The County and Township Real Estate Tax Bills are mailed in the beginning of February. You will receive the School Real Estate tax bills in early July.

As a guide only (see note* below):

  • To receive a 2% discount, your bill must be paid within two months of the bill date.
  • All payments received after four months from the bill date must include a 10% penalty.
  • See your bill for exact due dates, including the date this discount period ends.

*Note: Exact due dates and amounts are specified on bill.


It can take up to six months for our office to receive notification of a property transfer. Please call our office notifying us of your arrival.

All residents who do not receive a bill should call the Tax Office and we will provide you with the amount due.

Failure to receive the bill does not entitle the owner to a discount or remission of penalty on taxes!

The tax office has no discretionary powers regarding late payments.

QUESTIONS? Michael E. Klein, Tax Collector/Treasurer |  (215) 646-4794 |

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Barbera, Deb

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Bleemer, Jonathan

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Downing, Gerry

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Frame, Ann

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Klein, Michael E.

Treasurer/Real Estate Tax Collector (215) 643-1600 x3203/

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