Specific Requirements for Conditional Use Approval

Application Procedures

    1. Applications seeking conditional use approval must be submitted to the Zoning Officer. In addition the applicant must provide the required information. This information can be found under Section 255-257, Sub-section A(1)(a-f) of the Zoning Code. View the Township Code.


  1. A Historic Resource Impact Study is required for conditional use applications where any land development or subdivision is proposed on any of the following:
    • Class I or Class II Historic Resource.
    • Properties that are involved with the proposal and are within the boundaries of any national or local historic districts.
  2. The Zoning Officer will send the application to the Historical Commission and the Planning Commission for review. The Historical Commission will send its recommendations to the Director of Code Enforcement to be transferred to the Board of Commissioners.

Criteria for the Grant of Conditional Use Approval

The applicant must prove that the proposed use will not jeopardize the preservation of the historic resource (s). Applicants must provide the required evidence to defend their proposed land use. The list of required evidence can be found under Section 255-257, Sub-section B(1)(a-k) of the Zoning Code.

For more information on the conditions or requirements pertaining to a grant for conditional approval under Article XXXIV, Section 255-257, Sub-section B(2-10) of the Zoning Code.

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