Property Transfers

An ordinance on Property Transfers took effect on February 10, 2010. The Township requires that certificates be completed when a residential or non-residential building is sold or transferred.

These regulations were adopted so that new owners of property will have a clear indication of the zoning district and any prior zoning decisions made on the property, and to ensure that the property’s sidewalks are in good repair, house numbers are posted, smoke detectors are installed and working, and sump pumps – when present – are properly connected.

The ordinance was developed with the participation and support of the Suburban Realtors Alliance. A Certificate of Zoning and Use, a Certificate of Sidewalk in Good Repair, and a Property Transfer Affidavit are the 3 forms that need to be signed within 90 days of the date of settlement or transfer.

Applicable documents are the "Property Transfer Application," "Guide - Construction Standards for Sidewalks and Curbs," and "Guide - House Number Ordinance".

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