Permits are required for the installation of above-ground, portable, and in-ground swimming pools. Required permit applications are the Building Permit Application and the Grading Permit Application. Visit the Documents & Forms page.


Swimming Pools, 2009 International Code, Chapter 41 are the standards that must be applied in Upper Dublin Township. Copies of these standards are available in the Code Enforcement office and the Upper Dublin Public Library.

Swimming Pool Fencing Regulations (from UDT Code Section 218-4)

Please note the following regulations:

"No person or persons shall construct or maintain a bathing, swimming place or artificial body of water, or any excavation in which water may collect in excess of two (2) feet, including a stormwater management structure, within three hundred (300) feet of any property line of the property on which it is located, unless it is surrounded by a substantial wire mesh fence or its approved type not less than four (4) feet nor more than six (6) feet in height. The type, quality and method of construction of said fence shall be such as shall be approved by the Building Inspector with the intent that it shall act as a safeguard and protection to life, especially children."

Swimming Pool Discharges of Water

Download the DEP Swimming Pool Discharge Guidelines

Icon of *Guide-DEP Swimming Pool Discharge Guidelines *Guide-DEP Swimming Pool Discharge Guidelines (50.1 KiB)

  • water shall be pretreated to remove chlorine to acceptable limits
  • water shall be discharged a minimum length of 20 feet from adjoining properties or storm sewer inlet
  • water shall be discharged onto a grassy area or filtration system

Please note the following regulations (from UDT Code Section 218-5):

"Discharges of water from swimming pools, which do not significantly contribute to pollution to surface waters of the Commonwealth, shall be discharged to a stormwater management facility or onto the ground surface on the property at a rate and volume to allow for maximum absorption and infiltration. The discharge shall be dechlorinated and free from pollutants. If the sanitary sewer operator grants permission, discharge of pool backwash water, neutralized pool cleaning wastewater and standing water to the sanitary sewer system is the best environmental alternative. If sanitary sewers are not in the immediate area and the water can not be dechlorinated or otherwise treated on-site to remove pollutants, the water should be hauled off site for disposal at an approved treatment facility."

Questions regarding the handling of pool wastewater may be directed to the Water Management Program in DEP's Southeast Regional Office at (484) 250-5970.

Report a pool or sump pump discharge issue using the Water/Grading/Pollutant Issue online form.



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