Warning: Late Fee Charged If Construction Project Starts Without Required Permits

The Board of Commissioners passed ordinance #09-1214 on July 14, 2009 that authorized the billing of a late fee for those persons that begin a construction project without obtaining permits. The ordinance reads, “Any person who commences any work on a building, structure, or electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing system before obtaining the required permits shall be subject to a late fee for each required permit. The late fee shall be paid in addition to the required permit fee up to a maximum of One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00).”

Permits Are Required For The Following Items:

  • Construction of a new building, or additions, enclosures and alterations to an existing building including decks, porches and sunrooms
  • Addition or replacement of all plumbing fixtures including water softeners, water heaters, and garbage grinders
  • Addition or changes of electrical equipment and services
  • Installation of permanent heating or air conditioning equipment
  • Replacement of roofing
  • The installation or replacement of fences, utility sheds, above ground and in-ground swimming pools
  • The erection of signs
  • The re-grading of property
  • On-site sanitary sewage systems (through Montgomery County)
  • Housing licenses for the rental of dwelling units
  • Fire protection systems & modification systems including fire alarms, security systems, burglar alarms, sprinkler systems, hood systems, fireplaces and fire suppression systems.
  • Storage tank removal and installation, both above ground and under ground. See special instructions for storage tanks below.
  • NPDES General Permit may be required for certain types of construction activities.
  • Visit the Township's Stormwater Management page for information on stormwater management and construction.
  • Visit the PA DEP Stormwater Management web site for stormwater management related construction permit applications and other information.
  • View the Township Code, chapter 206 has Township ordinances relating to Stormwater Management, chapter 212 has Township ordinances relating to subdivision and land development.

The Upper Dublin Township's Engineering and Construction Standards can be downloaded below.



  • A permit is required at a fee of $75.
  • Please use the Fire Protection Systems Permit Application. It can be downloaded using the link below.
  • The contractor who is performing the removal must be certified by the PA DEP and a copy of the certification must be provided to the Township.
  • The Fire Marshal must be contacted for an inspection of the site when a tank is removed.
  • A Closure Report must be completed and a copy of this report is to be forwarded to the Township in a timely fashion.

Icon of Form-Fire Protection Systems Permit Application Form-Fire Protection Systems Permit Application (26.7 KiB)


  • A permit is required at a fee of $75.
  • Please use the Fire Protection Systems Permit Application. It can be downloaded using the link above to the documents page.
  • All tanks are to be placed above ground unless approval is obtained.
  • New tanks are requirements of the International Fire Code, Section 3404 and all other applicable codes.

For more information on storage tanks, please visit the DEP Storage Tank web page.


Mandatory Contractor Registration

The Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act (HICPA) was adopted by Pennsylvania's General Assembly in October, 2008, and signed by the Governor as Act 132 of 2008. The law establishes a mandatory registration program for contractors who offer or perform home improvements in Pennsylvania. The statute also establishes minimum insurance requirements for contractors; requires contractors to provide their registration number in their ads and contracts; establishes required contract terms for home improvement contracts; prohibits unfair business practices; and creates a criminal penalty for home improvement fraud.

Contractors can register online at the PA Attorney General web site.

Any contractor that is not registered as of July 1, 2009 will be prohibited from offering or performing home improvements until they become registered. Offering or performing home improvements without being registered is a violation of the act and may subject the contractor to an enforcement action and possible civil penalties.

A toll-free telephone number for the Bureau of Consumer Protection must be included in home improvement contracts. The number is 1-888-520-6680. As of July 1, 2009, consumers can call this number to check whether a contractor is registered with the Office of the PA Attorney General.

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