The Code Enforcement Department consists of the Director, Building and Plumbing Inspectors, Property Maintenance Inspector, and supporting staff. We are responsible for issuing permits, inspecting projects and in general ensuring adherence to Township regulations. Zoning and subdivision code books are available for $40.00 each.

Permit Submittal and Review Guidelines:

  • All applicable permit applications, supporting documents, and fees must be submitted before the project will be placed for review.
  • The UCC fee has changed from $4.00 to $4.50. This updated amount must be included on all applicable permit applications.
  • All contractors must be on file with Upper Dublin Township and the proper paperwork submitted along with the applications.
  • No permits will be issued on a same-day basis.
  • The review process for residential projects is approximately 15 business days and for commercial projects approximately 30 business days. Please plan your projects accordingly.  The Department will endeavor / try to meet this timeframe.
  • Permit must be issued by Upper Dublin Township prior to commencement of work.
  • Any person who commences any work on a building, structure, or electrical, gas, mechanical, or plumbing system before obtaining the required permits shall be subject to a late fee for each required permit. The late fee shall be paid in addition to the required permit fee and shall be paid in an amount equal to the required permit fee up to a maximum of $1,000.

Code Enforcement Contact Information

Phone: (215) 643-1600
Fax: (215) 542-0797
TTY: 711

Counter Hours:

  • Due to COVID-19, The Code Enforcement Department’s counter is CLOSED until further notice.
  • Permit applications are available in the lobby of the Township Building at 370 Commerce Drive as well as “fillable” applications are located on the Township website under **Permit Applications and Forms.
  • Numerous “Guides” for permit application submittals are also available in the lobby of the Township Building at 801 Loch Alsh Avenue as well as located on the Township website under **Permit Submission Guides and Lists.
  • Permit applications can be dropped off in the “Drop Box” located in the lobby or submitted via email to
  • Permit fees can be submitted with the application(s) via check or paid with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) over the phone.
  • NOTE: INCOMPLETE and ILLEGIBLE permit application will delay the review of the application. ALL email addresses must be completed for the property owner, contractors, etc. NO APPLICATIONS will be accepted without email addresses.
  • It takes approximately 15 business days for residential and 30 business days for commercial plan review.
  • A pre-demo inspection must be scheduled and performed prior to issuance of the demo permit, and a final demo inspection must be scheduled and performed prior to issuance of the permits for construction
  • No work may commence until the permit application has been reviewed, approved, and issued. Permits will be issued via email along with a note in regard to COVID-19 procedures.
  • If any work is started or performed prior to permit issuance, Late Fees will be charged per Township Ordinance.
  • COVID-19 PROCEDURE: At a minimum UDT is requiring all areas that are to be inspected be disinfected prior to the inspector arriving for the inspection and the inspector be alone during inspection. If necessary, only one (1) person may accompany the inspector maintaining social distancing (6 ft. min distance as required) and wearing a face mask. The inspector will then leave a field report and/or UDT will report to you the outcome of the inspection. The field inspectors will be practicing social distancing (6 ft. min distance as required) and wearing a mask.
    • Contractor is to provide COVID-19 Pandemic Safety Plan. UDT is also requesting that the contractor put plastic up, if able, to keep the work area contained from the rest of the house.
    • In addition – UDT needs to know if anyone at the residence is feeling ill or has signs/symptoms of COVID-19, or if anyone is currently under quarantine. If either of the above are true, no inspections will take place.
  • If you have any questions or wish to schedule an inspection, please contact us directly at 215-643-1600 x3505

The Township adopted the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code. The series of codes included within the Uniform Construction Code are those published by the International Code Council, Inc., further identified as follows:

  • International Building Code 2018
  • International Residential Code 2018
  • NEC Electrical Code 2017 NFPA 70
  • International Existing Building Code 2018
  • International Energy Conservation Code 2018
  • International Fire Code 2018
  • International Fuel Gas Code 2018
  • International Mechanical Code 2018
  • International Plumbing Code 2018
  • International Property Maintenance Code 2006
  • International Urban-Wildland Interface Code 2018

The 2010 edition of Upper Dublin Township's Engineering and Construction Standards can be downloaded from the Code Enforcement Documents web page.

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Phone And Email Directory

Applegate, Eric

Code Enforcement Administrator/Building Inspector (215) 643-1600 x3311/

Bauer, Geri

Office Manager (215) 643-1600 x3205/

Copelin, Ryan

Property Inspector (215) 643-1600 x3265/

Dorman, David

Building Inspector/Plan Reviewer (215) 643-1600 x3212/

Fielder, Joe

Director of Code Enforcement and Inspections (215) 643-1600 x3210/

Harrison, Karen

Records Administrator (215) 643-1600 x3305/

Kendra, Matthew

Property Maintenance Inspector (215) 643-1600 x3511/

Sharkey, Michelle

Office Assistant (215) 643-1600 x3505/

Tompkins, Alan

Office Assistant (215) 643-1600 x3246/

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