Oct 31, 2018 Feature

Public Water Quality

The purpose of this page is to update Township residents on the current status of the public water in Upper Dublin Township, related to the groundwater contamination originating from the Willow Grove Naval Air Base.

Oct 15, 2018 Feature

Twining Valley/Upper Dublin Golf & Fitness Club

RECENT UPDATE - On February 27, 2019, a meeting was held to introduce a draft version of the proposed Twining Valley Site Development Plan to the general public. This plan is outlining the first phase

Sep 7, 2018 Feature

Proposed New Zoning District for the Fort Washington Office Park

The new proposed district, called GFW - Greater Fort Washington district was discussed during the Planning Commission meeting on Tuesday, February 19, 2019 starting at 7:00 pm and at a public hearing before the Board

Jul 29, 2018 Feature

Township Facilities Project: 520 Virginia Drive & 801/805 Loch Alsh Avenue

Below, please find the most current and up-to-date information on the 520 Virginia Drive Project. If you have any questions, please contact Upper Dublin Township at (215) 643-1600. Press Release - 520 Virginia Drive Resolution-17-2264 FAQs Library Director's Letter Upper

Mar 21, 2018 Feature

Mattison Estates Development (St. Mary's)

Updated 03/26/2019

Sep 25, 2017 Feature

Cross County Trail & Fort Washington Office Park Infrastructure Improvement Program

Fort Washington Office Park Infrastructure Improvement Program Upper Dublin Township values the important commitment that our businesses and property owners have made to locate here. Due to the Fort Washington Office Park’s aging infrastructure, the Township

Jul 10, 2017 Feature

Fort Washington Traffic Calming

Latest Information: A meeting to discuss Fort Washington Traffic Calming recommendations was held on Thursday, September 7, 2017 at 7p in the Upper Dublin Township Building, Main Meeting Room. Agenda-Fort Washington Public Meeting-20170907 APPENDICES-Fort Washington Traffic Calming, 7/10/2017 MEMO-Fort

Mar 2, 2017 Feature

Fort Washington Village District Planning

Community Visioning for Fort Washington Village - Final Report-20170326 Fort Washington Community Visioning Plan Final Presentation-20170222 Upper Dublin Township has completed a community visioning planning process for the Fort Washington Village District Overlay area to promote a

Jan 23, 2017 Feature

BET Investments Developments at Welsh & Dreshertown Roads

BET Investments proposed an amendment to the Township’s Office Center zoning district to allow the construction of a mixed use development on a 25-acre site at the corner of Dreshertown and Welsh Roads. This tract

Oct 21, 2016 Feature

Transportation Demand Management Plan (TDM)

As part of the Township's ongoing reinvestment and modernization program for the Fort Washington Office Park, Upper Dublin Township has initiated a new Transportation Demand Management (TDM) study. This will improve the office park transportation options

Jul 30, 2016 Feature

UDSD-UDT Calendar

Six Month Printable Township Only Calendar: Links to Calendar Information: Township Online Calendar - Note "Trunk or Treat" on 11/3/2018 is cancelled. Township Public Works Calendar With Holiday Dates Printable School District Only Calendar Upper Dublin Township and the School

Jul 26, 2016 Feature

Paving Programs

The Township's 2019 paving programs begin in July/August. Mill and Overlay Resurfacing Program Nova Chip Program Ralumac Program

May 6, 2016 Feature

Community Notice of Floodplain Map Amendments

The Township of Upper Dublin, Montgomery County, PA, in accordance with National Flood Insurance Program regulation 65.7(b)(1), hereby gives notice of the Upper Dublin Township's intent to revise the flood hazard information, generally located between


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